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hidden behind the big brick wall

everyone's hiding

between here and there
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She Couldn't Be Thinner.
She Knows Shes A Winner.
She Goes To The Bathroom And Vomits Up Dinner

LORELAI: I mean, they were extremely common until just recently -- historically recently, not recently like "metrosexual is a word now" recently, but recently. EMILY: Are we still talking about anvils? LORELAI: Yes, where did all the anvils go? EMILY: You're talking about those big, heavy, metal things? LORELAI: That blacksmiths hammered horseshoes and stuff on. Everyone had them. They were featured prominently in every movie western, so where did they all go? RICHARD: I don't know that they were that common. LORELAI: Wile E. Coyote used them. That's how common they were. EMILY: Who? LORELAI: The cartoon. He was always trying to drop an anvil on the Road Runner's head or shoot it at him out of a giant slingshot or fire it at him out of a cannon. Inevitably, the cannon tilted up, shot it in the air, it fell down, and made an anvil-shaped impression on Wile E. Coyote's head. EMILY: This is a cartoon? LORELAI: No, no, this just happened to me the other day. I was walking down the street, and this giant anvil -- yes, mother, it's a cartoon. RORY: I know she sounds nuts, but it's a very common cartoon. RICHARD: But that doesn't prove that anvils were so common. LORELAI: It does. It proves that anvils were so ubiquitous at one point -- is that the word, ubiquitous? RORY: It depends on where you're going. LORELAI: That they knew that children would know what they were and delight in them. That's how common they were -- children watching cartoons. RORY: That was the word. RICHARD: I've forgotten your point. LORELAI: Where are all the anvils? I mean, is there some sort of secret anvil storage facility the government is keeping from us? RICHARD: Or they fell into disuse with the advent of other technologies, and so they melted them down and they're gone. LORELAI: But they're not supposed to melt. They were made to withstand the red-hot hammer of the town blacksmith. EMILY: This is easily the most pointless conversation we've ever had. LORELAI: I don't hear anyone chiming in with rational theories. EMILY: Please change the subject, I beg of you, anyone.

And crawling on the planet's face
Some insects called the human race
Lost in time, and lost in space
And meaning.

Trent - Little sister, little sister, you came into my life like a twister, what can I get you that haven't taken? What can I get you that hasn't been killed by corruption and greed? What can I get you that isn't tie-dyed, or just like you already have, or plastic, or not alive, or so sad... Does anybody know, does anybody know why we're here! Does anybody know, does anybody know why we're here! Does anybody know, does anybody know why we're here!